Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brutus, CGC

Brutus is now officially holds an AKC title, Canine Good Citizen.  He had to pass a basic obedience test as well as demonstrate the ability to deal with certain situations in a public setting (neutral reaction to another dog, accepting a friendly stranger, walking through a crowd, reaction to distractions).  Even though we've easily graduated through 3 levels of obedience classes, I really didn't think we'd be able to pass the CGC test for a while, as there is a "supervised separation" criteria (refer to debacle in previous post).  I guess the stars were all in alignment for Brutus (OK, and I drug him all over creation with me to tire him out...), because he performed like a champ!!  We were also the only dog from our class of 5 to pass the test :)   

Now if he could just act like that all the time......

Congratulations, Brutus!!

An exhausted Brutus - a rare moment!

Michelle & Brutus enjoying the moment after passing the CGC exam

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Unknown said...

When you said you drug him all over creation, at first I thought you meant that you tranquilized him and I was like..hmmm that isn't allowed is it? Then I realized that you meant physically drug :) Congrats!! Thats awesome!!