Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chilly Buddy

Check out Brutus in his new "Chilly Buddy" coat - it's supposed to help keep him cool by reflecting UV radiation and also by evaporation (there is an inner layer that you soak in cold water).  I think it looks ridiculous, like he's getting ready to go on a spacewalk!  BUT if it helps keep him comfortable, I'm all for it!  He's got two strikes against him; 1 being brachycephalic (short-nosed dogs like pugs & bulldogs can't breathe/pant as efficiently to cool off), and 2 being almost black - he really can heat up quickly. Even walking him when temps are above 60F get him panting heavily.  If it's over 80F, he starts to pant almost instantly when he walks outside.  I've already had to cool him down with ice water/towels during agility (who thought it could be 80F at 6:30 PM in May?) so I'm willing to try any gadget I can find :)
Heatstroke is a big deal in bulldogs, and we don't want to go there!  Just trying to keep him cool & comfy any way I can, so we don't have to be air-conditioned recluses this summer!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! and oh so true! Smart mom and cool Brutus! _ Lori

Arena Mom said...

He looks too funny! Our dogs have the opposite problem....yours gets to hot and mine need huge jackets when it is below 50!