Monday, June 15, 2009

Our First Video

I recently bought a new "little" camera (my Rebel XSi is my favorite, but it's too big to carry around to many places).  For the primary purpose of sharing some clips of Brutus in action, I made sure it had a video function.  Now blog viewers can have the full audio & video experience of a Frenchie!

There is a large couch in our great room that Brutus has always had issues with.  Don't know what he sees in it, but with no warning he attacks the skirt at the bottom.  It's actually the first thing he does each morning when we come out of the bedroom.  Luckily the couch has held up flawlessly to Brutus' fury, so even though it's not a behavior we encourage, we can't help but laugh at the enthusiasm with which Brutus taunts his upholstered foe.


Mason Dixie said...

Hello there =) I love your blog photo, too cute

Bijou said...

Hey Brutus,

I think you've lost a favorite toy under that couch huh? Have mom get it out for ya.

Wags & wiggles,

SEDONA said...

Great video, Brutus! I especially like your snuffling :-)
You'll get that couch ghost yet!
Your pal,