Friday, June 5, 2009

Why Brutus loves golf

Brutus loves golf!  Well, maybe not the actual game itself (since it distracts his humans from giving him their full-time attention), more like all the things associated with the playing of golf.  We live on a golf course, so it goes on literally right outside his window. Took him a few weeks to get used to the carts going by in the spring, but now Brutus loves to ride in the cart whenever he can!  He has recently discovered that stray golfballs can commonly be found in our yard; when he finds one, he picks them up & carries them around like a magnificent treasure!  It's supervised playing only (the ball would make a lovely airway obstruction I'm afraid), but quite fun to watch :)  

What do we have here?  Looks tasty..

Hmm... Seems sort of like a nylabone, but spherical - intriguing....

Anybody watching?  
Gotta make a break for it with this new treasure before she sees me...

Yeahaa!!  Caught in the act!

Hey - guys?  Mom?  Where'd everybody go??
(This photo was taken through the back door, so not such great image quality.  But I couldn't resist...)

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