Saturday, June 6, 2009


After living here for over 5 years, I just discovered that my city has a wonderful dogpark!  It's less than 10 minutes from our house and has lots of wonderful shade trees, so we'll be able to visit on all but the warmest summer days.  Brutus & I stopped by the check it out this week and made two new friends. Echo & Izzy.  They were both female shepard-mix rescue dogs, and loved to play.  Brutus was quite the gentleman, played nicely & even shared his water with them.  They could run circles around him, but I think Brutus was just happy to have some female companionship for a change. So nice to see him behave well when on his own & off-leash!  Wasn't expecting any Kodak moments, so I had to resort to taking photos with my iPhone, not the best image quality!  We heard that there is a great park in Stow (7 acres, including a small lake), so now that I know Brutus can play nicely, think we might take a ride to check it out (I'll bring along a real camera when we do).


Mommy to Z and E! said...

Hey lady, I found your blog from your facebook!! Very cute!! I just wanted to let you know real quick, that it was that dog park that Mocha got bit (attacked actually) by another dog, pretty bad. So, just be careful and I'm sure he is up to date on his shots, but it's just kind of scary cause you don't know if those dogs are. We actually haven't taken Mocha back there since, but maybe we should try it again soon. She used to LOVE it there and would come home WIPED OUT!

Arena Mom said...

We used to take the dogs to that park! Like the poster above, we don't do dog parks anymore as mont man freaks. SOme of them do have bully breed bans where you can't bring those dogs in. I have also been at parks where there are pits running around. Just depends too on the type of dog owner there. I have seen dogs get rough with someone else's dog and the owners just laugh and don'g care. Of course it is more about the owner than type of breed. I never cared before, but since Mont Man does now, we don't go.

Bijou said...

Hi Brutus,

Welcome to DWB! I don't know any other French Bulldogs, so I look forward to visiting your blog and being furiends. Do be careful at the park, you never know what kinda doggies you will meet there.

Wags & wiggles,