Monday, June 1, 2009

Quote of the day: A tired Brutus is a happy Brutus!

This is Mason, our 11 year-old Chocolate Lab, wrestling with Brutus. Many thanks to Mason, for doing the brunt of the work to tire Brutus out.  Walks can only do so much (especially as the temperature heats up), so this is his Brutus' indoor "exercise".  Mason gets annoyed occasionally, but seems to genuinely enjoy the rough-housing.  Paul always wanted a "pet" for Mason, and Brutus seems to have brought the puppy back out in our aging lab!  The only problem is that neither of them can play quietly, and always seem to get the most active when we've just started watching a movie or good TV program - good thing for DVR and live rewind!

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history145 said...

What a dog! Wow!

Vaden Chandler
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