Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in Ohio

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm happy to report that Brutus & the pack survived 5 uneventful days with Paul (Brutus even stopped looking for me by day 4)!  Thanks to Paul & my Dad for taking care of everbody - I know that meal-time (AKA the soup kitchen) is an interesting challenge, especially if you aren't used to the routine :)

So it's back to our "normal" schedule.  That means sitting down at least once daily, loading photos and composing a post.  Brutus has never been able to figure out how I can stare for so long at the funny little box on my lap (I has an apple on it, but sure doesn't taste like one...), pushing buttons.  He comes up and tries to close the laptop, hoping that this will re-focus my attention to something much more important (like his royal Bruteness).  

The computer again?  Really??  Well, you'll have to get through me first....

In case y'all are wondering (I was in the South for the last 5 days, you know), Brutus is the mastermind behind the photos.  I really do find him in most of these situations of his own accord, I just enhance them a little :)  There are actually countless moments each day that would make great blog posts, that's just the way Brutus is.  If only the camera were always on & ready!

Gotta go, time to clean up the soup kitchen!


Arena Mom said...

Cute. Mayna does that to me too! I haven't downloaded my pix yet, but if I have any cute ones, I will send them to you!

SEDONA said...

Oh Brutus, you have so much personality packed into that compact little body of yours :-)
Bet you're super-happy to have your mom home again.
Your pal,