Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lightweight or Featherweight?

By now, anyone who follows this blog knows that Brutus' personality is much larger than the size of the package it comes in.  No one Brutus encounters is ever as big as he is, at least in his own mind.  Oddly enough, it is his reaction to everyday, seemingly ordinary things is what brings him down to size & keeps us laughing!

Last week we encountered one of these priceless moments in our own backyard.  In the end, Brutus came out on top, getting the best of a solitary, discarded feather.  Surely it came from a vulture or pterodactyl - whatever it was, it wouldn't have harmed us, as it would have been laughing too hard to attack.  

The confrontation lasted 15 minutes, getting more intense the closer that Brutus got, since his snorting caused the feather to quiver & flop around.  In the end I had to pick it up, since Brutus decided to eat it once it no longer posed a threat.  

Just another day in the life of a Frenchie!!

Intruder alert!

Don't worry mom - I've got it cornered....

(action shot, imagine music from Mission Impossible soundtrack)

Getting closer....

OK, now that I got this under control, what's for dinner??  I could go for something light...


Lexi said...

Hi Brutus,

You are a very cute doggie. I like your blog. Come and visit me sometime.
Have a fun day.

SEDONA said...

Brutus 1, Feather 0.
Go, Brutus!
Your pal,

Bijou said...

Hi Brutus,

No feathers will be safe with you around now. Great job!

Wags & wiggles,