Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dogpark response

Thanks for all the concerned comments about the dogpark.  Points well-taken!  Funny that what I thought was my least interesting post so far has gotten the more comments than any other post!

Luckily we went during the week, so it wasn't a busy time or we'd have passed.  Let Brutus meet the other two dogs through the fence first, only let him off-leash once they all relaxed.  Not to say that bad things couldn't still happen, though.  Saddest thing is that the humans are who is irresponsible, but it's the dogs that suffer the consequences!  

Frenchies have so many health issues on their own, we certainly don't need any extra/avoidable problems.  And I have to be very careful not to let The Brute exert himself too much (so easy in this breed).  Definitely needs very close body-language observation (Ceasar Milan-style) of all dogs and extra precaution to make up for those of our biped species who have no common sense!  All that being said, I still think having some outside social interaction is good, let dogs be dogs every once in a while!  

Thanks again to all our thoughtful visitors - I can assure you all that Brutus will continue to be as over-protected as ever :)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Tune in next week for the next installment of our French BullBlog!


Bijou said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't mean to imply that dog parks are a bad thing. Just that we have heard some horror stories and want you to be safe. We don't have any dog parks nearby which is sad cause we love making furiends. Mom says she would only take us to a park that had a section for small dogs only, cause even though we love big dogs, they might not like out yappy attitude and decide to snap our necks. BOL

BRUTUS said...

Bijou - no worries!
It's good that your human is concerned about things like that! My JR terrier shares your yappy attitude, and has never been able to be much of a social butterfly because of it! I bet you'd be great at agility, though - it's another great way to meet new furiends :)