Monday, June 29, 2009

Frenchies have quite the vocabulary...

Sorry my post was a bit tardy today - had internet issues and just got back online (phew!).  Today's post is in the form of a video, which should give our followers an increased appreciation of Brutus' personality.  

I once read that Frenchies are quiet dogs and rarely bark; despite re-iterating this point to Brutus many times, and it hasn't sunk in yet.  If I don't know where Brutus is in the house, all I have to do is stand still & listen - he almost always has something to say, whether it's in the form of a snort, bark, snore, yodel, or some other indescribable sound.

What I captured in the following video started when he noticed that there were a few Nylabones on the table, which he spied while climbing in his usual look-out position on the sofa.  Being a typical Frenchie, Brutus can produce an astounding variety of sounds, which he will now  demonstrate for you in this video.

In case you are wondering, we refer to Brutus' yawns as "headsplitters", since it looks like his whole head opens up as he does it. You can hear me say it in the background, so I thought I'd comment just in case anybody wondered....


Martine said...

Oh my gosh!! He's seriously so freaken cute!!! We love him! My old by Sherman use to yodel... it was something to do with having a soft pallette or something.

xo sugar & martine

SEDONA said...

Brutus, I think you better go run & human watched your video and she kept saying "oh my goodness, Brutus is so adorable, I could just eat him UP!!!" You have such cute non-doggy sounds...sometimes you sounded like a turkey, other times like my feline sister's mewls. What I don't get is how your human could just stand there when you did the head tilt with that sad expression; she's one tough cookie!!
Your pal,