Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missing my mom....

According to Paul, Brutus is coping with my abrupt absence pretty well.  He was worried when he had to go to bed without me being home, but eventually settled down just enough to let Paul get some sleep.  One day down, 3 1/2 to go!

I took these pictures ahead of time so that I could blog from the road.  Even though I'm at a dental seminar, somehow Brutus finds his way into the conversation on a regular basis - maybe it's because I keep telling people that my dog has a blog....  He even found his way (albeit briefly) into a presentation I'm giving tomorrow morning :)

Where is she???

I still can't believe it she actually left me.  And for what?  How can talking about teeth be more important than me??

When the going gets tough, the tough take naps....


Arena Mom said...

How cute! I will have the same thing next week...flying to Richmond for work. Something tells me Mayna may not take it so peacefully t hough.

SEDONA said...

Hang in there, Brutus! Enjoy your dad-dog bonding time!
Your pal,