Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brutus vs. Dyson, part 1

All the hot weather here has given me an excuse to get caught up on some housekeeping.  With three dogs, that all shed, different colors - I'm almost instantly behind even when I do catch up! Mason sheds the most (he can put a Furminator to shame), both longish brown hairs and lots of fluffy white undercoat.  Duncan does his part too, with hundreds of needle-like white hairs (my mom actually got one stuck in her foot once - had to pull it out like a sliver!).  Brutus sheds the least, but he is sort of "molting" out his puppy coat right now, so contributing more than usual. 

Thankfully I have lots of dark-colored ceramic tile that hides dog hair pretty well; it can easily be swept with a broom, producing lots of "fur tumbleweeds."   I do have carpet in some of the downstairs rooms, which never ceases to need vacuuming.  Don't know where I'd be (probably up to my eyeballs in dog hair) without my Dyson "Animal," which has probably sucked up 100's of dogs worth of hair over the last 5 years and is still going strong!  I love it, but oddly Brutus doesn't have quite the same appreciation for the Dyson as I do.  Every time I bring the vacuum out, it's "Game on" before I even plug it in!

So when I vacuum, I "exercise" three things - the carpet, my right arm, and Brutus!! His behavior with the vacuum can be much better, but only if I carry around a squirt gun with me to discourage Brutus from attacking the vacuum.  He still chases it around & tries to ambush it whenever possible.  I can only vacuum a few rooms at a time, or I think Brutus might pass out from all the excitement. God forbid I get out the hose attachments... 

Part one is all still pictures, just with the main vacuum.  I'll move on to part 2 next week, with includes the hose attachments & a video.   For now, I present the newest extreme sport: Vacuum Wrangling!

The beast resting in it's lair.
(It guards the dog food bins from any self-servers that might wander by)

Face off.

Think I've found it's Achilles heel - I mean wheel!

Come on Dyson - bring it on (notice it's not even plugged in yet...)

Hey mom, can you wake Dyson up so we can settle this?

Laying in wait

Take that!!!

Duncan was actually quite the vacuum attacker in his prime!

Aerial attack!

Dyson 1, Brutus 0.
Can you believe that's all from one room?  Yuck!!


Cocorue said...

ha ha, you're funny.....

can you believe that mum calls me her vacuum cleaner as i loooove licking the floor....

Two French Bulldogs said...

We love ya Brutus. Bite Dyson and run. Tell mom...it's a lie whoever said frenchies are "medium" shedders,we shed a lot. We could make wigs. Mom vaccums so much, I ignore it, but Lily bites it just like you.
Benny & Lily

ScrapsofMe said...

Pack attacking...works best! One of you circle around behind and the other lead it away. Then..KABOOM...you got it! We used to attack our vac and the swiffer vac regularly. Then SHE watched the Dog Whis-pee-er and saw an episode about a pair of those collie dogs and a vac. She has been able to claim the vac space and the swiffer when it's actully running, but not the swiffer if she uses it as a broom...or the actual broom. I am still the champion broom attacker and I can rip that little cover thingy off the swiffer in a NY minute. It's good to see everyone getting some inside exercise though, it's way too hot to go outside and exert that much energy.

Achieve1dream said...

Nice! With that kind of review I might have to get one if I ever have carpet again LOL! Poor Brutus. Can't believe he lost. :)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With Khattledog said...

Of khourse I believe it!

But then again, I am Siberian, watch me shed and floof!


Mack said...

I shed a lot too!
I think our moms need to take up knitting!

Dexter said...

Yeah. We believe it. Momma usually has to empty it a couple of times when she does the dog cave.

Pee-Wee likes to attack our vac and it makes momma say HBO words (hee hee). Me? I just try to lie down in the most inconvenient place possible and wait until momma nudges me with the vac. Then I say my own HBO words.


Martha said...

We don't like our Dyson either although neither of us is brave enough to attack it!
We liked seeing all those dog hairs captured in the drum - very satisfying!!!!
Martha & Bailey xxx

theplussizepug said...

I think I need to purchase one of those Dysons. The amount of hair it picks up is amazing. Loved the pictures. :)

the many Bs said...

hey Brutus! that's a lovely purple dyson. hee hee! you are quite the attack dog. we have never seen a show down with a dyson before. it's beastly!

tell your mom to get some poodles - we don't shed. she could throw the dyson away and have more time for the dog park! hee hee!


Bijou said...

Hi Brutus,

We don't have a Dyson, we have a Bissell. I don't think it works as hard as your Dyson, but mom isn't complaining. I ignore Bissell but Banjo runs to hide cause he is afraid of it. BOL

Wags & wiggles,

Astrid Keel said...

BOL! we just got a new vacuum cleaner and I like it even less than the older one! i run away from it, but when it stops screaming, I put on a stealth attack!

You're going to get him one day, Brutus!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

We are scared of the vacuum but the pug that came before us would fight it like you! Good job! And mom is happy that she's not the only one who can fill a Dyson with one room...

pam said...

Oh yes I can believe that's all from one room! I vaccuum up an entire dog each time I vaccuum.

Oskar said...

Ooh that hose attachment gets me going every time. I warm up with the dustbuster, so I stay in shape.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Brutus!
We don't have a Dyson either! We have an orange monster that scares me a lot! I am not as brave as you!
Kisses and hugs

Oakley and Swisher said...

We use to fight with the vacuum machine at our house all the time but now we just let it do its business. We like to run around really fast and get our toys outta the way so the machine doesn't eat them tho! Good luck next time Brutus you can beat that old Dyson we know you can! Lots of licks--- Oak and Swish

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello brutus its dennis the vizsla dog hay brutus!!! ar yoo inside that thing?!?! i will git yoo owt dont wurry!!!! i am calling 911 rite now!!! ok bye

Ziggy Stardust said...

Go Brutus go!! Attack. I love your methods, sneak up from the side of the couch and the double teaming is good also. Mom does not have a dyson and luckily I hardly shed at all. Please for the love of all that is holy, don't send the dyson to us.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Molly the Airedale said...

Mitch avoids the vacuum but I attack it if it comes within my reach! I used to go after it like you do, Brutus, but now that I'm a Senior mom says that I act more civilized! What a dumb thing to say, don't you think?!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch